Likert Vs Bipolar Scales

Personality assessment tools use different methods to measure individual’s responses to questions. Questions on traditional assessment tools attempt to measure using a rating scale and this is commonly referred to as a Likert scale. The Likert scale works well for simple measurements and has shown to be reliable for that purpose. In developing the Aperio assessment tool, the product development team was conscious of re-producing socially desirable responses that are linked to Likert scales.To prevent this, the team developed a Bipolar method of measurement which asks individuals to choose between two options. In order to prevent social desirability or ‘faking responses’, the Bipolar scale requires that a choice is made between two options. Although it is not a bullet proof measurement, it does reduce the risk of social desirability and that is a move in the right direction. Dr Giles Hirst, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Chair of Leadership for the Australian National University, and Director of Product Development at Aperio discuss the use of Bipolar scale in the Aperio assessment tool.