Specialists vs Generalists

The preference over specialists versus generalists is leading the way in talent management discussions in today’s volatile global economy. The question is, what do organisations prefer? Is it more important to have the skill-set of a specialist and be able to flex a generalist? Or, is it better to begin as a generalist with a reasonable level of expertise as a specialist?

The Aperio assessment tool allows employees to better assess individual skill-sets and use this information to zone in on areas of strength and future development. With unprecedented technological advancements taking shape in the workplace, it makes sense to pay attention to individual strengths and developments areas. As organisatons continue to move employees laterally, it is important for both generalist and specialist skill-sets to stand out. Dr Giles Hirst, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Chair of Leadership for the Australian National University, and Director of Product Development at Aperio explores the use of the Aperio assessment tool in the debate over specialist and generalist skills.